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Green-ness And Good-ness

At Truth&All we believe in Goodness. Baked in Goodness. That comes from the centre of what you do and why you do it. However, there are some companies out there who talk goodness, but don’t walk goodness. Their centre is not good. And it is not green. Greenwashing is increasingly common across our industry, and since it is extremely sneaky and less obvious due to being embedded into a marketing campaign, it is always difficult to spot.   Allow us to walk you through some easy signs to identify greenwashing attempts:   Impressive Initiatives not Relevant to Fashion Manufacturing Process Decorating the office with beautiful plants, supporting initiatives to curb carbon emissions, or installing solar panels across all retail and business...

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Why Truth&All? Why Now?

And here we are.  At launch.  Which didn't seem possible when we started out.  Words are pretty easy to say.  But change takes time. Talking about Truth&All was simple. The reality took over nine months to deliver. It all started when we took a trip to Malaysia. The beach was full of rubbish. The sea was full of plastic. And it hit us hard. The shifts were subtle at first. Changing small things about how we lived. Being more conscious on what we bought, why we bought it, and to be truthful, questioning if we even needed it. Rather than be a burden it was kind of liberating. Full of confidence we felt we could do more.  And over a...

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