Why Truth&All? Why Now?

And here we are.  At launch.  Which didn't seem possible when we started out.  Words are pretty easy to say.  But change takes time. Talking about Truth&All was simple. The reality took over nine months to deliver.

It all started when we took a trip to Malaysia. The beach was full of rubbish. The sea was full of plastic. And it hit us hard.

The shifts were subtle at first. Changing small things about how we lived. Being more conscious on what we bought, why we bought it, and to be truthful, questioning if we even needed it. Rather than be a burden it was kind of liberating.

Full of confidence we felt we could do more.  And over a number of conversations we created Truth&All.  A concept.  A domain name.  Nothing more than three words.  Based on a saying that we grew up with. “Do you want the truth and all?” Meaning the unfiltered truth. For us the Truth was simple, we live unsustainably. The &All reflects our collective decision to act.  While buying eyewear may seem like a small decision we set about making sure it had a massive impact.

In our early stages we explored a number of materials including recycling ocean plastic. We got pretty far down that track before a quote hit us. And stayed with us.


“If your bathtub was overflowing, you wouldn’t immediately reach for a mop – you’d first turn off the tap. That’s what we need to do with single-use plastics”


Using recycled plastic doesn’t change behaviour. It solves nothing in the long run. It didn't stop the plastic flow. It simply altered the end state. So, we kept looking.  And we found a solution in Italy through a company called Mazzucchelli. M49.  A bio-based acetate.  M49 acetate is made from sustainable wood, cotton and natural resins making it bio-based (rather than fossil fuel based), eco-friendly and importantly biodegradable.  Acetate is also produced in sheet form which is cut not molded in machines like plastics.  Which reduces the environmental impact of production and creates a superior hand-made product. 

The next three months were finding the right partners who shared our view on social responsibility. We found them one by one. Our main partner in a town in Greece just outside Athens. A family run business, who follow the strict work codes of the EU. And who also subscribe to #IMadeYourSunnies. A movement designed to maintain the craft of hand-made eyewear.

We've sweated the small stuff in everything.  The case, the cloth, the delivery box, the delivery slip. All eco-friendly and recycled materials.  The case even has a section for your credit cards.  It also has a strap for your more demanding dance moves. 

We've talked a lot between Malaysia and today.  We say Truth&All Eyewear is made with heart.  It comes from a good place.  We commit to giveback more than we take and we ask you to join us.  While it may not seem like we have a voice sometimes, that we can't change something this big, as a group we can shout louder.  And be heard.  That is our Truth& that is how we can All make a difference.  One wonderful set of Eyewear at a time.

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  • Julie Woods

    SO FRICKIN PROUD OF YOU GUYS!!! Congratulations on a wonderful brand, believe and product!

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