The All behind our Truth - Giving back, one project at a time

Our Truth is that we live unsustainably.

& our All is what we collectively do about it. 

At Truth&All we giveback 15% of our profits to projects that look to create a more sustainable world.  The projects we partner with must meet three simple criteria:

  1. They must not carry heavy infrastructure that may divert donation dollars to internal structures rather than the end projects themselves.
  2. We must have a shared belief in the project. 
  3. The projects must be sustainable themselves - so we know we are making both a short-term, but importantly long-term difference.

Since our launch late last year we have been focused on finding a cause or charitable group that resonated with us.  And we found them - The Sea Monkey Project.

If you haven’t heard of them, they are a family of four, sailing and living aboard a yacht called 'Sea Monkey' since 2014. Similarly to us they were shocked by the plastic pollution across South-East Asia and set about implementing projects centred on education; recycling and upcycling plastic in new and innovative ways.

Their goal is to create cottage industries (micro-economies) using plastics that would usually end up in the ocean. These cottage industries can not only provide an income from sales of products made from recycled plastic but also assist to clean up the local environment. In combination with providing (and building) plastic recycling machines for local communities, they also run education programs on single use plastics for lasting change in behaviour.

We brain-stormed where our first contribution to The Sea Monkey Project could be most valuable and decided on funding a buy-back initiative with local fishermen. Did you know that around half of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is from abandoned fishing nets (study by Ocean Clean-up)?

In order to make a real dent in the plastic pollution suffocating our oceans, tackling this major cause is needed. Together with The Sea Monkeys, we have funded a buy-back scheme whereby local villagers in Malaysia collect broken fishing nets in return for monetary compensation. The Sea Monkey’s are then either re-using or recycling these nets.

So next time you put on your sunglasses.  Smile a little wider.  Know that you are making a difference.  It’s through your decisions that we can together contribute to making a difference on a bigger scale. 

The power of our All tackling our Truth.

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