Our Truth: Why Truth&All Are The Most Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

Eyewear is iconic.  It says something about you.  And your decision to buy can become a statement beyond fashion.  It can be a conscious one.  

For us there was no better category to challenge than Eyewear.  We all own a pair.  Maybe two or three.  And we publicly display them.  They are an expression of who we are.  And because of this our belief is that they are more than simply fashion accessories.  They should have a heart.  And our products do.  Truth&All has a meaning that we can all get behind, and our products have a soul that is worth more than any logo. 

What makes us special?  This is what we do at Truth&All to earn our stripes as the best eco-alternative to regular sunglasses: 

  1. We use a biodegradable alternative - our bioacetate frames are made from renewable sources of cotton and wood and use natural alternatives to plasticizers making them 100% biodegradable under compost conditions.
  2. The Eyewear has been quality tested over 40 times before it reaches you so there is no compromise on frame sturdiness or quality.
  3. Unlike other eco-alternatives (such as wood and bamboo), our bioacetate allows an unlimited range of colours and patterns so there’s no compromise on style! Check out the gorgeous unisex Turtle Havana and Gull Deep Blue
  4. Our sunglasses are handmade in Greece by a small socially responsible family run manufacturer supporting fair wages and working conditions. They also participate in the #imadeyoursunnies movement.
  5. Each pair of sunglasses comes complete with a stylish case made from recycled materials - recycled felt with a recycled leather strap and a recycled microfibre cloth. Our external packing and card is also made from recycled paper and cardboard.
  6. We offset the carbon from our international shipping so as to reduce our carbon footprint (very important seeing as we are predominantly an online retailer!).
  7. Most importantly, we give back! We have currently partnered with The Sea Monkey Project who set up and run different initiatives in South-East Asia - reducing plastic pollution and providing education.
  8. Net-net.  Buying our eyewear leaves a positive impact in fashion and on the earth.  And today there are not many fashion decisions you can say that about.

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