4 Timeless Styles - Designed to fit any face. And designed to never go out of fashion.

Part of our reasoning for choosing the 4 classic shapes of Truth&All frames was to avoid the fast fashion mentality.  That you needed several pairs.  Which is why we designed styles that suit every face and that are timeless by design.  Fun fashion that lasts - and here you have them...

The Gull, The Turtle, The Dolphin and The Marlin.


So why The Gull?
The Gull is a classic aviator. This shape was first designed as a replacement for outmoded flight goggles and hence the name aviators. They became popular after World War II when pictures featured military personnel in aviators. Said to be the shape that suits the most number of face shapes, the inclusion of the Gull was a must. We didn’t want just any old aviator so we mixed it up with both classic colours and some rocking combination colours to set you apart!


So why The Marlin?

The Marlin is a classic shape to suit the broader masculine face but is also become popular with women who are after the oversized look with straighter lines. The Marlin is a more classic take on the popular flat top design of recent years but with greater potential to see the test of time. It comes in 5 unique colours including some ombré combinations that simply rock.


So, why The Dolphin?

This gorgeous and glamorous design marries both oversized and cat eye shapes into a show stopping frame. Oversized styles came into popularity in the 1960s after famously being worn by Jacky Onassis. Although sometimes ostentatious, oversized sunglasses haven’t waned in popularity and are still often associated with celebrities. The glamorous Dolphin sunglasses can make your outfit and complete your look!


And The Turtle, why The Turtle?

This shape is a take on the classic wayfarer style but with more class (well we think so). We selected a range of colours which give this same frame versatility as a surfer staple or the ultimate urban statement piece. You’ll look good in this frame no matter what the occasion.

So...what’s your style?


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