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4 Timeless Styles - Designed to fit any face. And designed to never go out of fashion.

Part of our reasoning for choosing the 4 classic shapes of Truth&All frames was to avoid the fast fashion mentality.  That you needed several pairs.  Which is why we designed styles that suit every face and that are timeless by design.  Fun fashion that lasts - and here you have them... The Gull, The Turtle, The Dolphin and The Marlin.   So why The Gull? The Gull is a classic aviator. This shape was first designed as a replacement for outmoded flight goggles and hence the name aviators. They became popular after World War II when pictures featured military personnel in aviators. Said to be the shape that suits the most number of face shapes, the inclusion of the Gull...

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The All behind our Truth - Giving back, one project at a time

Our Truth is that we live unsustainably.& our All is what we collectively do about it.  At Truth&All we giveback 15% of our profits to projects that look to create a more sustainable world.  The projects we partner with must meet three simple criteria: They must not carry heavy infrastructure that may divert donation dollars to internal structures rather than the end projects themselves. We must have a shared belief in the project.  The projects must be sustainable themselves - so we know we are making both a short-term, but importantly long-term difference. Since our launch late last year we have been focused on finding a cause or charitable group that resonated with us.  And we found them - The Sea Monkey Project....

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Our Truth: Why Truth&All Are The Most Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

Eyewear is iconic.  It says something about you.  And your decision to buy can become a statement beyond fashion.  It can be a conscious one.   For us there was no better category to challenge than Eyewear.  We all own a pair.  Maybe two or three.  And we publicly display them.  They are an expression of who we are.  And because of this our belief is that they are more than simply fashion accessories.  They should have a heart.  And our products do.  Truth&All has a meaning that we can all get behind, and our products have a soul that is worth more than any logo.  What makes us special?  This is what we do at Truth&All to earn our stripes as...

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GITNB: The Conscious Festival - Talk The Talk So You Can Walk The Walk

  Are you worried about how much plastic is in your life? Have you ever felt a twinge of eco-anxiety or disempowerment, or want to do your part for the environment but don’t know where to start?  If so, then we have something for you.  Green Is The New Black (GITNB) is holding four transformative sessions packed full of juicy actionable insights that will empower you to change your life and it is all part of The Conscious Festival Nov 2-3. Be inspired! the TALKS are a day of game-changing, inspirational talks that will feed your mind and help you make an impact on the world. Hear from acclaimed speakers on how to fight against climate change apathy, the importance...

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Green Is The New Black Presents ‘The Conscious Festival’ Here In Singapore

EVENT SNAPSHOT: Event: The Conscious Festival Powered by Holland & Barrett  Date: 2nd & 3rd November 2019, 11 am – 7 pm the TALKS the VILLAGE the WORKSHOPS Venue: South Beach Avenue, 26 Beach Road  Green Is The New Black’s The Conscious Festival is back!  Expect a marketplace bursting with mindful brands, scrumptious healthy eateries, organic booze, interactive art and games, plus a series of life-changing transformative talks - this is one festival not to be missed! SO WHAT’S HAPPENING: the MARKETPLACE (free entry) - where you can shop sustainably as you discover and learn about over 70 conscious brands, listen to incredible live local musicians and munch on mouth-wateringly healthy food, all at once! TRUTH&ALL will be there! Read...

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